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XBOX? No. Bicycle Touring? Yes.

I had a very busy childhood. I spent countless hours by the creek, in the woods and in playgrounds. But for those rainy days, we had Legos®, Lincoln Logs®, coloring books and Tinker Toys.

But when it was nice, I was on my bike. A mission by a preteen to go everywhere. I had wheels.

Annie & The Boys

Annie & The Boys Touring to a campground in 2014

Annie and I have four boys ranging in age from 13-17. While sports keep them busy for much of the week, the weekends usually bring long hours of gaming in front of a widescreen for the kids. While we don’t make them go with us everywhere we go, we try to encourage outdoor activities.

Frankly, my kids are completely preoccupied with video games while hers tend to enjoy sports a bit more. But get them together, and it’s “Counter Strike” this and Minecraft that. I sigh and move about my day.

However, we make it a point to try to do a multi-day bicycle trip with the boys at least once a year (Annie and I do several trips). I think they enjoy it, but they may just be lying to get more video time. Hmm.

Bicycle touring with kids is certainly not without its challenges. They all have different needs and their equipment is different. Each of our children has a set of panniers, tent, sleeping gear and spare tubes. We pack them daytime snacksI’ll bet you already know who manages all that. Us.

Did you forget your toothbrush Zack? Of course you did.

“Dad, can I borrow your shampoo?” Sure you can, Jeffrey.

It’s a never-ending challenge to get them to be more responsible, but I think they’re getting better with each trip.

Touring with your kids is a very rewarding and fantastic way to spend quality time with your children.

If you decide to take your children touring or bikepacking, be sure to bring some patience. I assure you, it’ll be used well.

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