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Wedding Itinerary: Crash and Shortie (10/6/17)

Crash & Shortie Wedding Itinerary – subject to change.

Prior to the wedding: If you’re staying in a room, please be sure to book them soon! They are filling up fast.

Campers: Camping does not require a reservation. However, please set up your tents closest to the woods on the left side (near the driveway path, all the way down.) This will keep the tents away from the wedding area. The fire will be placed near this area. PLEASE BE SURE TO PAY YOUR CAMPING FEE PRIOR TO SETTING UP CAMP. If you have a snoring issue, there is a campground 6 miles away, please call the Trail Inn for directions.

NOON: Arrive early! This is a group effort to get everything set up in a short amount of time and we can’t do it alone! The Trail inn will be setting up the campground (tables, chairs, firewood, etc) and some of the older folks will need help getting up there. Seasoned Firewood will be delivered to the campground before the ceremony and will need to be unloaded.

Rob will need help: I will need 2 or 3 stand-ins (since I’ll be filming the wedding) and setting up the audio and shots will take about 20 minutes. Camera gear will need to be unloaded from the van and brought into the campground. Someone with a small SUV (Gumby?) can drive up to Uhl avenue and down to the campground to help with the equipment.

4:00 PM: The ceremony itself, led by Gumby, will be short and sweet (anywhere from 10-20 minutes). I have a feeling this will not be G-Rated. If you’re easily offended, bring some earplugs and a blindfold. I’ll need two volunteers to keep an eye on camera equipment while it’s running. They will be on Tripods, so just a babysitter will do (sometimes the cameras shut off on their own)

4:30 PM: Cocktail Hour! We’ll need help with Beer / Ice and starting the fire. Since we’ll only be having one fire, we’ll make it a rather large one and I’ll be sure to get a good amount of seasoned firewood. Get the fire hot, keep it small until later. (Skinny? Want to be our Fireman? )

5:30 PM: Dinner Hour! We’ll most likely be having dinner down at the Inn. Menu has not yet been determined, so stay tuned.

6:30 PM: Get into comfy clothes, we’re headed back up to the campground for our bonfire reception! The reception will last until … whenever!

10/7 AM – Ride to Husky Haven Campground
Annie and I will be leaving a bit earlier than everyone else because we’ll be getting film of you passing us. Depart at your leisure! We’ll meet you at the campground. Once you set up your camp, remember, that you won’t have to break down since we’ll be staying there two nights.

During this time, I’ll be filming some of you (that couldn’t make it down to NJ) for the documentary. We’ll have plenty of time and will be moving the camera around to suit your backdrop (keep your bikes loaded!). I’ll have questions ready and some custom questions for each of you.

10/8: Take your time, and do a day-ride! Stay out all day, hang out, whatever! this is a free day! Some of you may choose to ride with Annie and I so we can get B-Roll footage of your ride. If you’re not near us, we’ll assume you don’t want to be in the film. This is the good stuff we need, so stay together for the sake of the film. I am going to get TONS of footage, so BE A PART OF IT!

10/9: Ride back to Trail Inn. Some people may elect to stay overnight (we can also get remaining footage here). Since I don’t like to ride 30 miles, then drive 5 hours home, I’ll most likely be staying until Tuesday morning.

10/10: Depart Trail Inn for home. If the Trail Inn has been especially helpful to you, please consider donating to them. Since the train has been out of order, their business has suffered and they could really use your help. Also, please tip anyone that has been particularly helpful.

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