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Grub Up: Food on the Road or Trail

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Q. How much food should I bring? 

A. You don’t have to pack EVERY meal – At almost every one of our stops there are stores, pizza joints, café’s etc. YOU SHOULD WORRYMOST about lunch. This is the meal you’ll eat during our rides, so you should have something to eat for each day.

Q. Do I really need to cook my own food?
A. Technically no, but you’re going to have long gaps where there are no stores or restauraunts. If you opt out of cooking, please be sure to have some granola bars or quick food on hand. Also, if you like coffee, a few places are a stretch to get it, so you may just want to bog down and have some cooking gear.

Q. What are some good light-weight food ideas for the trips?
This is a great question. Here are some great food ideas to pack with you:

  • Trail Mix: I mix my own. I use peanuts, M&Ms, Chex® cereal, Chocolate covered pretzels, and cashews. Put them in ziploc bags, one for each day. They are easy food for the trail, and give you the carbs and protien that you need for the ride.
  • Ramen Noodles: Yeah, we know they aren’t really that good for you, but think about the carbs, the sodium, etc. You actually need this. It’s quick, cheap and easy to make with a small camp stove. All you need to do is add water
  • MRE’s: (Meals Ready to Eat) – You can buy pre-packaged freeze dried food that you add water to. You don’t even need to dirty a dish – you’ll pour the boiling water into the bag, let steep and eat. Some of them are really tasty too!
  • BACON!: Fry up a pound of bacon, drain all the grease, and place it in a large ziploc bag with a paper towell. Cooked bacon will last a few days if you suck all the air out of the bag.
  • Beef Jerky: Beef Jerky makes for a great snack on the trail. Protien. Sodium. Not the healthiest thing? But its nice to have a little beef while you’re riding. Great snack. Try the peppered Jerky.
  • Granola, Energy Bars: Most of these are healty and will give you energy. Good breakfast idea.
  • Pasta Selects: These are the little pasta side dishes that you add water to and serve with a regular meal at home. At my store, they are 4 for $5 – pretty cheap, and they are tasty! Just remember to buy the ones that DO NOT require MILK. You can do without the butter too.
  • SQUISH A BAGEL!: Take a fresh bagel, place it in a ziploc sandwich bag, use a metal mixing bowl to squish all the air out of the bag (squish the bagel!) and zip it up. You can pack several of these and they take up little real estate. When you open the bag, the bagel will retain it’s shape. Voila!

Remember, you can’t really keep anything cold, unless of course you’re carrying some sort of cooler for the trip (this is near impossible). Bring pastas, etc that are lightweight. Just add water and munch!

If you’re like me, you need coffee in the morning. To be honest, instant coffee SUCKS. Just does. Try the Foldgers “Coffee Bags” – they are wonderful and are easy to make! Best part? It’s real brewed coffee. Also, if you like cream and sugar, buy flavored or non flavored powdered creamer, mix it with sugar (usually 1 to 1 ratio) and put that in a sandwich baggie. Throw in a plastic spoon and you’re all set!

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