Monday, May 29, 2017
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Crash & Shortie Wedding Itinerary - subject to change. Prior to the wedding: If you're staying in a room, please be sure to book them soon! They are filling up

In association with members of our close-knit family, BikePacking.US will be producing a professional-level documentary. Over the next six months, we'll be producing a documentary of past trips, tips, tricks

I had a very busy childhood. I spent countless hours by the creek, in the woods and in playgrounds. But for those rainy days, we had Legos®, Lincoln Logs®,

By Meredith "Pokey" Sheeran When Rob Blanda, co-founder of, added me as a blogger for the group (probably to keep me from pestering him on Facebook with my ride

Okay, I have a bike. Now what?  Preparing your bike can be easy or challenging depending on the type of bike you ride. Long story short, you’ll need a bike

Written by Rob "The Bean" Blanda Leave the Drama at Home These trips are intended to be fun – a break away from everyday life. Leave your problems, bills, fights with