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BikePacking / Bicycle Touring Documentary is Coming!

In association with members of our close-knit family, BikePacking.US will be producing a professional-level documentary.

Over the next six months, we’ll be producing a documentary of past trips, tips, tricks and funny moments that our close friends and family have made with us over the years. However, without your help, it would be a very boring documentary. We’ll need interviewees, blooper moments, photos and videos that you may have. We have already selected a few of you to give on-camera interviews with specific questions to ask you.

Needless to say, we’re excited.

The film will be a mixture of fun, happy and sometimes dark or frustrating times.

We’ve purchased professional-grade equipment and have spent days upon days outlining the flow of the project. Some of the clips will come from past trips, while others will happen over the next few months.

Including the wedding in October.

If you’re interested in being interviewed for the documentary, please contact Robert “the Bean” Blanda at bean [ at ]


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Wedding Itinerary: C

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