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Leave the Drama at Home, You’re on the Trail!

Written by Rob “The Bean” Blanda

Leave the Drama at Home
Robert "The Bean" BlandaThese trips are intended to be fun – a break away from everyday life. Leave your problems, bills, fights with the family – all that drama – stays at home. This is a chance for you to get a great workout every day, meet new friends, try new camping tactics. It’s a challenge, and that’s exactly what it’s meant to be – something you’ll never forget. I remember every trip like it was yesterday. All of our rides are ‘non-drop,’ meaning no one gets left behind. Everyone stays together! If you’re riding a little slow, or you’re tired – don’t worry, that just means it’s time to take a break!

Everyone seems to adopt a different culture during these trips, and we wholeheartedly support every one of them. Some people get up early, some later. Some meditate. Some like to shower before departure. Some eat Ramen, some eat wheatgrass. Some people sleep in trees, others in expensive tents and structures. Whatever your liking, do it. And do it best as you can.

Some of you may find me a bit on the edgy side in the morning – I try to get everyone up and moving as quickly as possible for the sheer excitement to get to our next stop. I’ve even been known to sing Sinatra in the morning to make your awakening a little more pleasant. Don’t worry if I am a little off-key, that’s just to get you to jump right out of your tent and start packing for the next destination.

I film every trip with the GoPro camera you see on my head (right). Don’t cover your face or shy away – I do a lot of editing and believe me, if you do or say something silly, I’ll be sure to edit it…. IN! Take many pictures, send them to me – I make a virtual documentary for these trips. It’s my little thank you for coming on these wonderful little adventures with us.

These trips are free of registration costs. We charge nothing. The only expenses you will incur are camping fees and food/beverages. However, if one of our tour guides was especially helpful and you’d like to thank him or her, please feel free to tip them. Gratuities are always welcome. Some of the money actually go toward the marketing and costs related to this website and other efforts.

Bring a camera. Shoot a ton of pictures and video. Take pictures of your friends, and don’t shy away. When they have a camera, SMILE! Do something silly. YOU’RE BIKEPACKING !

If I can be of any help to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me personally – I am here to help. After all, this is what we love to do. And the biggest reward is the smile on your face 🙂

Call 609.320.9831 or email

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