A Peek Inside Bean’s Panniers


  When bicycle touring, the bike you ride, the gear you use, the clothing you wear, the food you eat, the number of miles/kilometers you cycle each day, and how you choose to spend your time will vary from person to person depending on what your goals are… and, of course, personal preference. CLOTHING / SHOWER Ball Cap Rain Jacket ...

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Fashionable and Classic Vintage Touring Bikes

The Classic Touring Bicycle is Makes a Serious Comeback

There’s a certain stigma with touring bikes. We understand that racks, bosses, tires and frames must stand the test of time. However, the fashion of touring bikes has taken a step into mainstream society. Whether you’re trekking the US from coast to coast, or you are taking a weekend trip along a winding country road, these touring bikes should certainly ...

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Lehigh Gorge Trail Trip 2015


  Take in the sights and fresh air of Jim Thorpe’s most beautiful bicycle trail. Camp with friends both old and new. This completely self supported bicycle tour will not have a SAG vehicle or hotels available. You must bring your own camping gear, food and bicycle tools. The cost of this event is free, however you will incur campsite ...

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RomantiPacking Trip – June 13th 2015


Ann Marie Arnold and Robert Blanda take a two day RomantiPacking Bicycle trip over the Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia all the way past Valley Forge and on the Perkiomen Trail. We stayed overnight at Green Lane Park at Deep Creek Campground. Join us for our Romantic Bicycle Tour (aka RomantiPacking)!

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Take a Stop at the Trail Inn

bikepacking.us visits the Trail inn

Accommodations Aplenty in Frostburg, MD. As many times as we’ve cycled the Great Allegheny Passage, we’ve never skipped over the one place we love the most, the Trail Inn. Hosted by John and Beth Sayler, the Trail Inn boasts a hotel, a guest house, campground, café and snack shop. For those that are visiting the campground, a clean bath house ...

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C&O, Gap to Erie PA – It’s coming!


The planned route of the Erie to Pittsburgh Trail starts at the Perry Monument on Presque Isle, follows roads through Erie into western New York, and works its way south to Oil Creek. It follows Oil Creek to the Allegheny River, then continues along the Allegheny River to downtown Pittsburgh. Trail development has often been challenging, but there is steady ...

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Bike Touring on the Cheap

Save money on your next bike tour

Like many of us, you may find that bicycle touring will take a bit of money regardless of how long your trip is. You’re not working or generating income while you’re touring, but the bills still have to be paid. It’s a challenge we face that keeps some of us from our goal of touring our dream areas. 1. Bicycle ...

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Our Favorite Bicycle Touring Gear Part I: Panniers


We’ve tried hundreds of gear combinations from racks, locks, panniers and beyond. We’re not ashamed to admit that we’ve failed with certain pieces of gear so we wanted to share our fails and successes with you. Part 1: Pannier Bags Panniers are perhaps the most important part of any bicycle touring setup. Without them, you cannot carry your clothing, tent, ...

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Alumni GAP Trip Announced


Attention all BikePacking Alumni! We’ve released the itinerary for our Spring Trip. We’re going from Pittsburgh to Cumberland in one sweep, one way. We’ll catch a shuttle and sing the whole way to Maryland! If you’ve done a trip with us before, you’re welcome to join us. This is for Alumni only.

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Spring 2014 GAP Cycling Video Released!

GAP Cycling Video

From torrential downpours to incredible bouts of sunshine, 23 of us had a miraculous time! Although there were two injuries and a few mechanicals, everyone had an enjoyable ride. If you haven’t had the pleasure of riding the GAP trail from DC to Pittsburgh, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Click here to see the video!

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GAP Trip Update


BikePacking.US GAP TRIP update: Just a quick message to you about a few updates! The Trail Inn is having their Wing and Beer event on Wednesday June 4th from 2pm until close. Be sure to join in on the fun! ALSO: There are 4 or so rooms left at the Trail Inn. If you’d like to book a room with ...

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June GAP Morning Announcements

bikepacking.us visits the Trail inn

PLEASE BE READY TO RIDE BY 8AM THURSDAY MORNING! Please do not hold up the group! Introductions: Bean & Mudge – organizers of this trip Gumby & Donk (and myself) – Bicycle Mechanics Skinny, Crash, Shortie & Pokey (Helpers/logistics) Sign in Sheets & Waivers Please sign in to the signin sheet Please fill out a waiver form if you haven’t ...

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GAP Trip Update!


Update information on the GAP trail tour: We are getting closer to the trip date! To date, we have 37 registrations. However, it’s pretty common for about 5-10 people to drop out of the ride for whatever reason. Annie and I will be leaving work a bit early to head down to the Trail Inn on the 4th of June to ...

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The FLOPSTOPPER! Trekking/Touring Bicycle Solution


Are you a loaded down trekking or touring cyclist? Have front panniers that are flopping your wheel side to side while loaded down? We have a solution that should help any DIY bicycle tourist. Take a look at this video and let us know if this works for you! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6QJNJ7HHfo&feature=youtu.be

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Pimp Your ‘Bent

BikePacking.US loves recumbents!

As some of you may know, many of us at BikePacking.US are very partial to recumbent bikes. When I asked for users to send us your photos, Rodger sent us this write-up and photo of his recumbent. “This is my Optima Lynx that I bought 7 yrs ago. I have pedalled it 30000km in that time and have made some ...

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SAG Drivers Get All The Perks!


Our bicycle touring group needs a dedicated SAG driver to drive our Honda Odyssey from camp to camp during our June trip on the Great Allegheny Passage.  If you don’t know what SAG (Support And Gear) is, that’s okay! Here it is in a nutshell: Our vehicle is capable of carrying up to 10 bicycles, utilizing the rear rack, roof ...

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GAP Itinerary


Hello folks! Below is our tentative Itinerary for the GAP Trip on June 5-9, 2014. If you’d like to join us for free, please visit http://www.bikepacking.us/gap2014. This trip is slightly easier than the last trip because we eliminated the climb into Ohiopyle. Remember to pack a lunch during the day, for there are very little areas to dine.  (Map is ...

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It’s her bike, man.

Ann Marie Arnold - BikePacking.US

Must be mine, now. Annie bought a great new road bike. Loves it! But as a bike nut/guru, I automatically assumed her Schwinn was up for grabs. Not because I am greedy, but because in my mind, it was in the “bike shed.” What I failed to realize, is that Annie had some fantastic memories on that bike. It was ...

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BikePacking & Camping the Erie Canal


Our close friends joined us on a 4 day journey on the Erie Canalway, camping at St. Johnsville Campground and Marina and Arrowhead RV Park and Campground. From Albany to St. Johnsville. We met at Albany-Rensselaer Amtrak Station and did a round trip. Visit us at BikePacking.US for future trips! They are free of charge.  

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