June GAP Morning Announcements

PLEASE BE READY TO RIDE BY 8AM THURSDAY MORNING! Please do not hold up the group! Introductions: Bean & Mudge – organizers of this trip Gumby & Donk (and myself) – Bicycle Mechanics Skinny, Crash, Shortie & Pokey (Helpers/logistics) Sign in Sheets & Waivers Please sign in to the signin sheet Please fill out a…


GAP Trip Update!

Update information on the GAP trail tour: We are getting closer to the trip date! To date, we have 37 registrations. However, it’s pretty common for about 5-10 people to drop out of the ride for whatever reason. Annie and I will be leaving work a bit early to head down to the Trail Inn on…


The FLOPSTOPPER! Trekking/Touring Bicycle Solution

Are you a loaded down trekking or touring cyclist? Have front panniers that are flopping your wheel side to side while loaded down? We have a solution that should help any DIY bicycle tourist. Take a look at this video and let us know if this works for you!

BikePacking.US loves recumbents!

Pimp Your ‘Bent

As some of you may know, many of us at BikePacking.US are very partial to recumbent bikes. When I asked for users to send us your photos, Rodger sent us this write-up and photo of his recumbent. “This is my Optima Lynx that I bought 7 yrs ago. I have pedalled it 30000km in that…


SAG Drivers Get All The Perks!

Our bicycle touring group needs a dedicated SAG driver to drive our Honda Odyssey from camp to camp during our June trip on the Great Allegheny Passage.  If you don’t know what SAG (Support And Gear) is, that’s okay! Here it is in a nutshell: Our vehicle is capable of carrying up to 10 bicycles,…


GAP Itinerary

m4s0n501 Hello folks! Below is our tentative Itinerary for the GAP Trip on June 5-9, 2014. If you’d like to join us for free, please visit This trip is slightly easier than the last trip because we eliminated the climb into Ohiopyle. Remember to pack a lunch during the day, for there are very…

Ann Marie Arnold - BikePacking.US

It’s her bike, man.

Must be mine, now. Annie bought a great new road bike. Loves it! But as a bike nut/guru, I automatically assumed her Schwinn was up for grabs. Not because I am greedy, but because in my mind, it was in the “bike shed.” What I failed to realize, is that Annie had some fantastic memories…


BikePacking & Camping the Erie Canal

Our close friends joined us on a 4 day journey on the Erie Canalway, camping at St. Johnsville Campground and Marina and Arrowhead RV Park and Campground. From Albany to St. Johnsville. We met at Albany-Rensselaer Amtrak Station and did a round trip. Visit us at BikePacking.US for future trips! They are free of charge.…


Look at the RACK on BOB!

BOB trailers are expensive. A little over-priced if you ask us. However, there’s an inexpensive alternative – A Frugah Trailer. It looks like a BOB but is a little inferior in quality – unless you make some improvements. We eliminated the crappy suspension, added a rear rack for our panniers and gave it a nice…


SPRING GAP CHANGE: Trail Inn, Frostburg, MD

Hello, happy bike tourists! Today there were some serious discussions about changing the start point of our Great Allegheney Passage trip for this coming Spring (June 5-9, 2014). We had originally slated the trip for Husky Haven Campground to be our start point, but thought the wiser when discussing the “murder-death hill”  at Ohiopyle State…


Meet Andrew: The Wayfarer’s Wonderings

Meet Andrew. Andrew pedaled his way from Pendleton, Oregon and utilized to find us and stay with us on October 27th, 2013.  A young 20 year old, he’s probably wiser every day he turns the cranks of his bike. As we sat around the fire and ate buffalo wings, he told us about his…


Erie Canal Itinerary

Erie Canal Bikepacking Trip – October 11–14, 2013 Albany to Fort Plain, NY – Draft Itinerary Approximately 150 Miles Round Trip   Day 1 – Friday October 11, 2013 Start time 9 am – Meet at Albany-Rensselaer Amtrak Station ( 525 East Street, Rensselaer, NY Long Term Parking $7/day ($28 for 4 days)/500 long…


Road TRIP! Roebling to Seaside

We took a journey from Roebling, NJ to Seaside Heights and back. We had a great time meeting and staying with our new WARMSHOWERS.COM hosts, Dick and Diana! Thanks to all that made it a fun trip! We woke up early Saturday morning to take Gumby on his first real road trip from Roebling, NJ…


Send Us Your Photos!

Take a look around you – yes, there’s your bike all loaded up and ready for bikepacking. Snap a photo and send it to ! We’ll post your photo on our website. Be sure to include information about your bike and your equipment!


We are HOSTS

Are you travelling via bike through NJ? We are one of the best stops on the East Coast for cyclists to spend an evening. Our excerpt on We are BikePacking.US! We are touring cyclists as well! Come join us for a beer, a warm shower and a bike wash and tuneup. We have our own…